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'Voice Over IP' (VOIP) is not the panacea for all comunicatons or all businesses but it has grown to be a very viable alternative to traditional telephony systems expecially for businesses who want a flexible platform from which to operate.

Small business predomienely relies on a few standard telephome lines with telephone/fax/broadband and fluctuations in operations are accommodated by increasing the number of lines and handsets.

Large companies tend to have their own switchboard with multiple lines allowing for large number of simultaneous calls. In addition these systems now tend to be IP (intenally) so able to share the same network as computers. They are normally connected to the Telephone Exchange via ISDN or Fibre.

Somewhere in the middle is a large group of small to medium businesses who wish to take advantage of emerging technologies whilst reducing the cost of maintaining the service in order to achieve greatest ROI (return on investment).

This can be achieved with some traditional type equipment but it can be far easier and cheaper via VOIP (Assumes  business with up to 20 handsets and traditional switchboard e.g. Versatility, Quantum, Panasonic, Avaya).

If this is of interest to you, and your operations are based in UK, then please contact us to discuss your requirements. You may be surprised at how friendly, professional and cost effective we are.

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